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MacBook Pouch

£75.00 - £85.00 (tax incl.)

Part of our technology range. Inspired by our August landscapes when the heather colours the fells.

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These colourful pouches have hand dyed Herdwick twills on the outside and soft protective Gotland on the inside. Woven using a stitched double cloth technique the two layers are invisibly melded together and provide a beautiful but safe protector.

Fasteners are twist locks in brushed aluminium.

2 sizes:

Large size will fit all 11″ and 13″ Macbook Air or Pro models : internal size 13″ x 9″

Smaller size will fit all 11″ Macbook models : internal size 11″ x 8″

Sorry out of stock just now but orders being taken for early 2017

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